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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Goods for the Good

When a company stands behind a cause they sincerely believe in, not only does it help the cause, but it also helps to build long-lasting relationships with customers, especially millennials who look for brands that support causes they are passionate about. The millennials are a generation characterized by how they incorporate giving back in everyday living. Millennials can be persuaded by brands associated with a cause they believe in that allows them to give more without making an additional donation.

With so many worthy causes, it can be hard for companies to decide which charity to help and bring awareness to. In the month of October, there are many deserving causes from Breast Cancer Awareness, to Domestic Violence Awareness to National Down Syndrome Awareness just to name a few.

Community and corporate awareness and education for breast cancer are examples of how awareness has educated the public enabling them to comfortably talk open about breast cancer where it was once guarded as a very private cancer held in secrecy. Decades ago, women diagnosed with breast cancer were not only facing illness, losing a breast and possible death, but also lived alone with their cancer. Today, because of awareness we are talk openly about breast cancer because of the outpouring of support from our community. Although we are still desperately seeking a cure, women no longer suffer in silence. With every pink ribbon, pink t-shirt, pink can can cooler, etc., we openly embrace and support breast cancer and help women accept their bodies as vessels of their boundless souls with or without breasts.

Please share with us what causes you support! At SEP Communications, we love hearing about what you are passionate about. We are happy to help you with everything from promotional products, branding, to printing and everything all the way through fulfillment to help you help the causes you support.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Class is in Session!

A woman with a backpack standing in front of a building.
As we move toward another busy season, the first day of school is a clear indicator that summer is over and it’s time to focus and dive into the work ahead.

We hope the summer replenished a bit of creativity and refueled your energies. As classes begin, here are a few ideas for promotional products that aren’t just for school.

Backpacks are amazingly useful and a desired item. As you and your clients load yourselves down with personal devices that include laptops, tablets, cell phones, cords and batteries, a backpack can be the perfect accessory to transport these items as you commute back and forth to work as well as to client meetings. Backpacks also make traveling out of town so much easier.

Lunch Boxes are not only a way to stay on a healthy diet, but they also help save money. Lunch boxes can be the perfect promotional item if you are in the medical field or in the health and beauty industries. The exterior of the lunch box could be in printed in your company colors with an inspiring quote on the lunch box, for example: “The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil or “Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” – George William Curtis. You could also add printed recipes for healthy lunch options (with your logo) and insert them into the lunchbox. In addition, you could bring people to your website by posting new lunch box recipes each month on your site and on social media.

Like the beginning of school, we hope this month you and your staff have a fresh, new, and productive look at opportunities ahead!  At SEP Communications, we are here to help you with countless ideas to reinforce your brand using creative promotional products. As a full-service printing company, we also can handle any of your printing and fulfillment needs. If you have a marketing project in mind, but are not sure where to start, call us… we love helping companies!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Plan to be extraordinary this holiday season… NOW!

Being extraordinary takes effort, planning and creativity. It may seem like some people naturally have a talent for being extraordinary, but behind the scenes every extraordinary business person makes the effort, plans and uses creativity to do things differently. When it comes to gift giving these same three things apply in order to be extraordinary this holiday season.

First, make an effort. Commit to getting your holiday shopping done this month and with a plan in place that includes your budget, list of recipients, what you will be purchasing, and how you are going to package and ship your gifts.

Next, plan out a timeline of what needs to be purchased and meet with a printer to schedule the printing of your packaging, tissues to wrap your gift and your gift cards. Now is not the time to send a client a promotional product with your name. If it is a gift, it should be personalized for the recipient, not you. Instead, promote your brand through the packaging and note that accompanies the gift.

Finally, make sure all of your gifts are creative and/or luxurious. Gifts should be either completely new on the market, specialized with personalization, or something out of the ordinary when choosing creative gifts. Luxury gift can get expensive, however stay in your budget and purchase the most luxury practical item you can afford. Most people purchase ordinary practical items at reasonable prices for themselves. Search for practical items that are luxurious and high-end design.

At SEP Communication, we love helping people with their holiday gift giving with everything from personalizing special gifts to every aspect of their printed components to create a cohesive gift opening experience. We have lots of creative ideas from personalized printed Soulkix Shoes, to personalized full color image luggage, to personalized headphones. Whatever your business gift giving needs, we will find a way to make it happen!