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Tuesday, June 11, 2019


If you are a golfer, now is a perfect time to take your favorite clients out on the green or to stock up on golf swag to hand out at your next trade show or sponsored golf tournament or even to pass out at the nineteenth hole to be remembered long after the match.

One golf giveaways that packs-up confidently in your golf bag is the All Purpose Golf Tool that contains a ball marker, club, brush, divot tool, spike wrench, knife and pen all on a key ring ready for anything. Other pocket sized promotional products include Golf Gloves, Range Finders, Balls, Tees, or even Goofy Golf Ball Sunglasses to get a laugh or make your mark with a ball marker.

Whether you are a novice golfer, spectator or an expert on the green, the one thing golf allows for is the time to build relationships.  A game of golf creates the perfect environment to get to know your clients. Built into the game are hours spent in conversation without distractions in a relaxed setting with the added bonus of a much deserved lunch after the game. At SEP Communications, we love golf and we love building relationships with our clients. Let us help you with your promotional products and all of your printed materials to help you work and play in the zone!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Fresh Picks

Spring brings a breath of freshness to our lives. Freshness can appear in many forms. It can be represented in the color of personal items and clothing. It can also be about the fresh taste in our food and drinkware. Feeling fresh can come from scents that soothe from bath balms to scented lotions to aromatic candles.

We also feel refreshed by getting organized with anything from simple drawer organizers to high tech gadgets that make our day more efficient, clean and orderly.

Each spring we have the opportunity to refresh our business and personal lives. Whether it is starting a new career or if you just need to be inspired by simple little reminders to take small actions every single day to reach a year end goal.

At SEP Communications we love spring and we look forward to learning how we can help bring freshness to you and your business.

"Spring is the time of plans and projects."

–Leo Tolstoy

Monday, February 4, 2019

Love is in the Air

This winter, love is in the chilled air. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and one question is on everyone’s mind: what should I buy for the people I love? The same thing works for business. Let your clients and customers know that you love their business with gifts this Valentine’s Day season. Your clients deserve gifts that will keep them warm, nourished and entertained.

On Valentine’s Day, your clients will fall in love with a cozy jacket or a personalized blanket. In this weather, they are sure to need more blankets to keep their teeth from chattering. Or perhaps, they would like to snuggle in bed with a new set of silky pajamas.

Around Valentine’s Day everyone loves to eat chocolate, and this includes your clients. Everyone loves to receive sweet, heart-shaped chocolates around this time of year. Chocolate is nearly everyone’s guilty pleasure. Moreover, if chocolate hearts aren’t catching your interest, keep your clients warm and satisfied with some heavenly hot coco.

During the winter months, people spend more time indoors than ever. This Valentine’s day let your clients have some fun and buy them a bag toss game for them and their family. Or maybe some of your clients would like a desktop fooseball game for when there is some down time at work. Anything to pass the time can be a valuable tool when there is little to do.

It is important for businesses to show their clients a little love and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show how just how much you appreciate their business. Here at SEP Communications we love our clients and would love to help you with your promotional products.