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Monday, February 4, 2019

Love is in the Air

This winter, love is in the chilled air. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and one question is on everyone’s mind: what should I buy for the people I love? The same thing works for business. Let your clients and customers know that you love their business with gifts this Valentine’s Day season. Your clients deserve gifts that will keep them warm, nourished and entertained.

On Valentine’s Day, your clients will fall in love with a cozy jacket or a personalized blanket. In this weather, they are sure to need more blankets to keep their teeth from chattering. Or perhaps, they would like to snuggle in bed with a new set of silky pajamas.

Around Valentine’s Day everyone loves to eat chocolate, and this includes your clients. Everyone loves to receive sweet, heart-shaped chocolates around this time of year. Chocolate is nearly everyone’s guilty pleasure. Moreover, if chocolate hearts aren’t catching your interest, keep your clients warm and satisfied with some heavenly hot coco.

During the winter months, people spend more time indoors than ever. This Valentine’s day let your clients have some fun and buy them a bag toss game for them and their family. Or maybe some of your clients would like a desktop fooseball game for when there is some down time at work. Anything to pass the time can be a valuable tool when there is little to do.

It is important for businesses to show their clients a little love and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show how just how much you appreciate their business. Here at SEP Communications we love our clients and would love to help you with your promotional products.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Hello 2019, Goodbye Ordinary

The good thing about the new year is that everyone in your office is in the mood to jumpstart a new year with fresh ideas. One idea that will hopefully be on your conference room table is the opportunity to embrace new techniques to enrich your client relationships and ways to procure more clients. One approach to creating a buzz is to say goodbye to ordinary.

Ordinary, promotional products may feel good at the time of purchasing, but if your employees are not excited about them, chances are that the lackluster for the items will transcend to your clients and potential clients. Giveaways should be innovative and exciting that allows conversation to flow plus serve as a reminder of how clever you are and how on top of the trends you are.

A few examples that are new and trendy include inverted umbrellas that keep you dry as you enter a vehicle, wireless phone chargers and even drones for extra fun. Caps are also a great way to keep your brand top of mind and the selection extends far beyond the ordinary caps of 5 years ago. Mesh and even puffy logo treatments make all the difference. Branded socks are also affordable and who does not want new colorful socks?

At SEP Communications we are always on top of the latest promotional products. We are excited for the new year and we look forward to sharing up-to-the-minute innovative promotional products with you. Call us… Cheers!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Take Charge

It’s the last month of the year and it’s your last chance to take charge of the year ahead to order promotional products, gifts and giveaways for 2019 before the tariffs come into effect. Starting January 1st, tariffs could increase the cost of your promotional products imported from China. According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), approximately $200 billion worth of Chinese imports will be subject to additional tariffs. The exact tariff structure is yet unknown, but we always like to educated our clients on the industry changes.

Thinking smart is always good business. Planning smart is even better business. Yes, it takes a lot of dedicated work to plan out all of your purchases for 2019 but if you take charge and get your team together you will not only save big, but you will also enjoy the holidays more because you will already be ahead of the game and your competition. If you start 2019 prepared, purchased and ready, the tariffs will not be as painful.

Speaking of taking charge, there are so many charging devices available that are always a welcomed gift or giveaway. You could develop an entire campaign, for example, inspiring your clients to “Charge Ahead,” “Get Charged-Up,” or “Charge into 2019.” A campaign with a play on the word charge works wonderfully with a myriad of charging devices in a range of prices to suit your budget. You could choose anything from a simple car charger, a portable charger to a wireless charger for your home or office.

At SEP Communications, we love helping businesses and we love hearing about your needs. Let us help you charge into 2019. Happy Holidays!