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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Free stuff makes us happy. Cool free stuff makes us even happier!

What better way to break-the-ice at a trade show or event then by offering someone a free small gift. Gifts instantly make people happy and willing to engage in conversation. Gratitude allows us to relax and be able to listen to ideas with an open mind about products and services you have to offer - PERFECT!

Now, the only catch is you have to giveaway something that is in line with your brand and something that potential customers will want that they don’t already have. Yes, this can be a little tricky, but here is one idea to get the possibilities started.

Popsockets! Once attached with repositioning gel, Popsockets start flat and extent to become a texting or photo grip or a handy video stand. With full color imprinting, your branding will certainly pop!

All of us SEP Communications are happy to help explore more ideas to keep you on your client’s mind all year long. Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Let thoughtfulness make your business shine!

Reach out to your clients this festive season in a meaningful yet memorable way. When you base your corporate gift giving on thoughtfulness, your company gently whispers your brand (NO SHOUTING REQUIRED) to your clients and reinforces your relationship with them. With thoughtful giving, your company will be regarded as a class act - a company that your clients will want to be associated with and will remember.

Thoughtful corporate gifts can include items with meaningful quotes, beautiful journals to inspire them to dream their biggest dream for 2018 or a decadent box of chocolate reminding them to stop and enjoy how sweet life is when you love what you do.

Do you need more ideas? Call us and we’ll help you have your holiday swag in the bag!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Goods for the Good

When a company stands behind a cause they sincerely believe in, not only does it help the cause, but it also helps to build long-lasting relationships with customers, especially millennials who look for brands that support causes they are passionate about. The millennials are a generation characterized by how they incorporate giving back in everyday living. Millennials can be persuaded by brands associated with a cause they believe in that allows them to give more without making an additional donation.

With so many worthy causes, it can be hard for companies to decide which charity to help and bring awareness to. In the month of October, there are many deserving causes from Breast Cancer Awareness, to Domestic Violence Awareness to National Down Syndrome Awareness just to name a few.

Community and corporate awareness and education for breast cancer are examples of how awareness has educated the public enabling them to comfortably talk open about breast cancer where it was once guarded as a very private cancer held in secrecy. Decades ago, women diagnosed with breast cancer were not only facing illness, losing a breast and possible death, but also lived alone with their cancer. Today, because of awareness we are talk openly about breast cancer because of the outpouring of support from our community. Although we are still desperately seeking a cure, women no longer suffer in silence. With every pink ribbon, pink t-shirt, pink can can cooler, etc., we openly embrace and support breast cancer and help women accept their bodies as vessels of their boundless souls with or without breasts.

Please share with us what causes you support! At SEP Communications, we love hearing about what you are passionate about. We are happy to help you with everything from promotional products, branding, to printing and everything all the way through fulfillment to help you help the causes you support.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Class is in Session!

A woman with a backpack standing in front of a building.
As we move toward another busy season, the first day of school is a clear indicator that summer is over and it’s time to focus and dive into the work ahead.

We hope the summer replenished a bit of creativity and refueled your energies. As classes begin, here are a few ideas for promotional products that aren’t just for school.

Backpacks are amazingly useful and a desired item. As you and your clients load yourselves down with personal devices that include laptops, tablets, cell phones, cords and batteries, a backpack can be the perfect accessory to transport these items as you commute back and forth to work as well as to client meetings. Backpacks also make traveling out of town so much easier.

Lunch Boxes are not only a way to stay on a healthy diet, but they also help save money. Lunch boxes can be the perfect promotional item if you are in the medical field or in the health and beauty industries. The exterior of the lunch box could be in printed in your company colors with an inspiring quote on the lunch box, for example: “The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil or “Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” – George William Curtis. You could also add printed recipes for healthy lunch options (with your logo) and insert them into the lunchbox. In addition, you could bring people to your website by posting new lunch box recipes each month on your site and on social media.

Like the beginning of school, we hope this month you and your staff have a fresh, new, and productive look at opportunities ahead!  At SEP Communications, we are here to help you with countless ideas to reinforce your brand using creative promotional products. As a full-service printing company, we also can handle any of your printing and fulfillment needs. If you have a marketing project in mind, but are not sure where to start, call us… we love helping companies!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Plan to be extraordinary this holiday season… NOW!

Being extraordinary takes effort, planning and creativity. It may seem like some people naturally have a talent for being extraordinary, but behind the scenes every extraordinary business person makes the effort, plans and uses creativity to do things differently. When it comes to gift giving these same three things apply in order to be extraordinary this holiday season.

First, make an effort. Commit to getting your holiday shopping done this month and with a plan in place that includes your budget, list of recipients, what you will be purchasing, and how you are going to package and ship your gifts.

Next, plan out a timeline of what needs to be purchased and meet with a printer to schedule the printing of your packaging, tissues to wrap your gift and your gift cards. Now is not the time to send a client a promotional product with your name. If it is a gift, it should be personalized for the recipient, not you. Instead, promote your brand through the packaging and note that accompanies the gift.

Finally, make sure all of your gifts are creative and/or luxurious. Gifts should be either completely new on the market, specialized with personalization, or something out of the ordinary when choosing creative gifts. Luxury gift can get expensive, however stay in your budget and purchase the most luxury practical item you can afford. Most people purchase ordinary practical items at reasonable prices for themselves. Search for practical items that are luxurious and high-end design.

At SEP Communication, we love helping people with their holiday gift giving with everything from personalizing special gifts to every aspect of their printed components to create a cohesive gift opening experience. We have lots of creative ideas from personalized printed Soulkix Shoes, to personalized full color image luggage, to personalized headphones. Whatever your business gift giving needs, we will find a way to make it happen!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hello Summer, Hello Productivity!

The summer is here and among all of the vacations and relaxation, there are so many ways to make your summer in the office productive plus attract new clients. Productivity begins with a plan that is organized, scheduled that includes an obtainable goal. It is easy to become distracted during the summer with kids out of school, change of routine and anticipated vacations that are thankfully, right around the corner. You may find yourself daydreaming and moving at a slower pace. However, summer can be the perfect time to welcome the heat and put the spirit of summer fun and relaxation to work for your business.

Summer can be the perfect time to grab the attention of potential clients because when everyone is sitting at their desk in summer stagnation, a little fun can be a welcomed relief. For example, you could target potential customers by sending them a package with a beach ball and fun colored sharpies (that match your company colors and branding, of course) with instructions on how to play “Office Beach Ball”. The game is played by writing questions on the ball (personalized by the recipient). Then, the beach ball is tapped to a fellow coworker. If they miss the ball, they have to answer one of the questions handwritten on the beach ball. The questions can be company related with goals and ideas or it can be purely personal with fun creative questions.

Another way to stand out this summer is by participating in outdoor events to promote your brand with swag that cools and comforts. Giveaways could include portable mini fans and cooling sports towels to fully customizable cooling neck wraps that provide a respite from heat and humidity. When you give away promotional products that provide care and comfort, the underlying message of providing something that people need, before they ask for it, can produce a powerful way to connect with potential clients.

Lastly, what if you sent your clients an ice cream scoop and then had ice cream delivered to their office. Yes, you would be remembered and your phone would certainly ring, buzz and sing all summer long!

At SEP Communications, we look forward to helping you have some fun with your marketing and promotional products this summer!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Minority and Women-Business Owners

We are so proud SEP Communications is a women-owned business and a member of WBENC! This month we will be headed to the twentieth annual WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) conference in Las Vegas. It will be three days of inspiring keynote speakers, workshops, mentoring, forums and networking. We can’t wait to come back refreshed with new ideas; excited to share with you all that we learn and discover.

Women-owned business are on the rise. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are 10 million women-owned businesses. Have you ever considered looking for minority-owned businesses to work with? There are so many advantages to working with minority-owned businesses. These businesses can help your company with tax incentives, supplier diversity programs, as well as, fostering new business relationships and niche markets you may not have thought of before. Plus, by embracing diversity, your company can be more profitable! According to research by the Hackett Group, companies generate 130% more revenue by using diverse suppliers from minority-owned businesses.

Many companies today request that 25% of their business is to be done with women-owned and minority-owned businesses. When you work with minority and women-owned businesses you let your customers and potential clients see your commitment to diversity and openness. Through your willingness to embrace and understand different cultures, races and ethnicity your business will not only grow, but it will thrive in many rewarding ways. 

We at SEP Communications love diversity! We look forward to working with you and helping you learn more about us and what we do because most of all we want to help you succeed, grow and thrive.

As we focus on women this month, here are a few ideas to help you market to women with your swag! Women love promotion products such as nylon ladies computer tote bags, or women’s visors to keep the sun off this summer. Another option could be a purse hanger keeping handbags off the backs of chairs and securely in view just to name a few. Either call or email us and we will happily create the perfect swag that is in line with your branding and something potential customers will remember you with.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Choose Swag Purposefully

Yes, thankfully, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to promotional products! However, sometimes people get so carried away with how fun and adorable an item is that they forget the item must support their brand and reflect their core values. The item must be part of a plan, not a last-minute decision just to have something to give away at the next tradeshow with your logo on it.

First, you need to plan! When you have a plan, your entire team will be able to implement every detail so that your branding is cohesive and clearly understood. When your team knows every aspect of your branding and marketing they will be able to communicate it precisely to potential clients.

Next, consider how your promotional products will reinforce your brand. If the promotion products you choose do not reflect your brand you are not only wasting money, but your time as well. Potential clients need to instantly understand what you do, who you are and remember you and your company long after the tradeshow where they received the promotional product. For example, a company that distributes everything from bathroom faucets, fixtures to bathtubs might consider choosing microfiber drying towels or an environmental friendly shower timer that saves water for their swag. An accounting or finance firm might keep with their brand simply by using their company colors with anything money related from fun money bag gifts and piggy bank shaped items to wallets and money clips.

Lastly, choose a promotional products supplier wisely. One that can take care of all the details from start to finish, plus create any printed material will be good for your business. SEP Communications has an amazing reputation for all their impeccable attention to detail and they love to help companies like yours succeed!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Get Clever with Tech Savvy Swag!

With the wide range of promotional giveaways and price points, it can be challenging to know what to choose. If you want to up your swag a notch and get tech savvy, we have plenty of cool gadget ideas to help reinforce your relationships, promote your brand and keep your name on your client’s minds. With tech savvy promotional gifts, your clients will receive the underlying message that you are clever, innovative and know the latest trends.

Tech savvy swag can include much needed extra power for mobile devices. For example, the next time your super busy client is so busy they used up all the “juice” on their phone just as they need to run out the door to their next important meeting, they think of you! Thankfully, as they reach in their desk to grab the handy Juice Box power bank you gave them last week (with your logo on packaged in a memorable juice box & straw) is just what they need to save their day! Your clients will see you as someone who thinks ahead and cleverly plans for issues that can arise. 

Sometimes innovative, cool swag is all you need to give the impression to your clients that you not only know the latest technology, but are ready to help them with the most current information to assist them with the products and services you offer. One idea is to give your clients innovative products like the amazing new Rock-It vibration speakers that can make almost anything into a speaker just by placing the probe on an object. This gadget is not only fun, but it serves as a great conversational piece as you ask what new items your clients have they tried to make into a speaker. It can also easily transition the conversation to what new products or services you can provide for them.

By giving your clients trend savvy gifts, it can position you as someone who pays attention to trends in general. Your clients will understand through your branding and promotional products who you are and how much you are willing to jump fearlessly into the future. It also reveals that you are someone to count on for the best new ways to help them succeed in business in our fast-paced world. Tech savvy gifts, however small, give us a glimpse of what possibilities are around the corner. Fun, innovative gadgets also allow us the opportunity to dream more about what we can accomplish and who we want on our team to help us accomplish our goals.

If you need more help choosing your tech savvy swag, contact us! We love talking about what is new, innovative and trendy.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Health and Fitness Swag

Health and fitness are front and center with the refreshing approach of spring. Yes, we have all made our New Year’s resolutions to be healthier with numerous diet and exercise plans; however, with summer around the corner, now is the time many people have health and fitness on their mind. This time of year customers and potential clients appreciate health related swag offering you the perfect opportunity to start a conversation, reinforce your brand and be remembered.

Tradeshows and events can be a phenomenal place to meet new customers. Having the right swag to get customers to stop by your booth is a key ingredient to start a conversation. Promotional items that are health related bring a commonality that most people can relate to. When you engage with people on a personal level, trust develops making them relaxed and open to listening and learning about you, your company, and the products or services you offer.

When choosing a promotional product, your brand should always be considered. Giveaways should not only reflect your brand, but they should be something people want that reinforces a strong connection with your company. Here are some questions to think about before choosing a promotional item to promote your brand. Does the promotional product match your logo or company colors? Does the swag reinforce your brand’s personality and voice?

Lastly, the goal is to be remembered and start a connection. One way to be remembered is to have swag that people use often. If you giveaway fitness monitors or pedometers, chances are these products will be used by your customers daily as they work out or go on their daily walk.

There are so many options and ways to promote your brand on healthy giveaways that it can be a bit overwhelming. Our experts at Sep Communications are happy to guide you every step of the way!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Get Noticed and Get in the Door

Opportunity is within reach! The only problem that sometimes arises is getting by the gatekeeper. Getting past the gatekeeper to C level executives can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few ideas to get past the gatekeeper, break down barriers, and allow you to be heard by potential customers.

The Gatekeepers are People First. 
Gatekeepers manage the entry point with sometimes very little patience or time because everyone wants to talk to the chief marketing officer (CMO), chief operations officer (COO), or the chief financial officer (CFO). Kindness and respect that is transparent and sincere is the first place to start. It is such a simple thing to do; however, surprisingly a lot of people overlook the chain of employees in a company and save only their best selves only for C level executives. How you treat the C level executive is how you should behave toward everyone from the doorman on up the minute you step into their building. The patience and tone of your communication with the gatekeeper will either open the door to meet your intended C level executive a crack or keep it closed to you indefinitely.

Breaking Down Barriers 
After you have consistently communicated with your potential client, but still need to close the deal, make a strategic plan of persuasion by sending something spectacular. Luxury gifts have their place and can be used to show executives that you are committed to their business and honor your developing relationship with them. These extravagant gifts can be expensive; yet, with careful expert marketing your investment will be well spent. Whether you decide to send crystal or Tumi luggage, make sure your purchase is something of quality, well packaged, thought though, and have a follow up in place.

Be Heard 
Getting a prospective client to trust you to discuss inside information can be difficult to do. For centuries, offerings of gifts have broken down barriers and have brought people together to communicate starting from a place of gratitude and acceptance to be open in order to listen respectively.Listening takes patience, time and the ability to be open to new ideas.With the constant need to be available at all hours through emails, telephone calls and texting, listening can be difficult.It can be even more challenging to concentrating on what someone is saying when it is someone you do not have a relationship with. Learning a company’s needs and discovering their goals are two ways to start growing a relationship with a future client in order to be listened to and heard.

Opportunities await and are only bounded by your imagination. If you want help finding high-end gifts that your potential clients will see every day that will keep your name consistently on their minds,we at SEP Communications are ready to help you get past the gatekeeper, break down barriers, and allow you to be heard by potential customers.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

USB Drives are MORE than just Storage!

Smaller than a key FAB, a powerhouse storage packed USB drive can attach to your key chain or easily slip in you pocket. Some people only use thumbdrives for a little extra data storage, a vehicle to upload/download data or to transfer files. However, it can serve many more purposes! Here are a few more ways to get the most out of a USB drive.

Security Key – Passwords to keep your computer safe only work until a hacker figures out your password. A physical key makes for a more secure computer.

Test out new a operating system – When you are not sure if you want to overwrite your current operating system, use a USB drive.

Reset passwords – In Windows, if you forget your password, use a USB drive as a reset password disk.

Clone your system – When you need to set up more than one computer, make a master and then duplicate it to set up the office with all the same software on all of your computers.

Back up files – Files do get corrupt and lost. A simple download will save you time and money.

Keep emergency information – Be prepared by having emergency information at your fingertips.
Store music – Have your favorite music with you ready to play anywhere you go.

Transfer media to a smart TV – Watch a movie on your smart TV by quickly downloading it on a USB Drive, insert and play.

Promotional USB Drives are appreciated, kept and are extremely useful! USB drives can be printed with your logo ready to give away to your next potential customer as a way to remember you and your company. We are here to help you find the best USB drive to promote your brand. Check out our USB drives at!