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Monday, March 5, 2018

Beyond Embroidery

When deciding to imprint a logo on promotional products most companies choose the traditional route by using 4-color process, laser, stamping or embroidery. However, there are a few new ways to imprint your logo that can make your swag go from good to AMAZING! These new techniques include HXD, Epoxy Dome and Mixed Media.

For everything from totes to backpacks to apparel, embroidery and silk-screening have been the standard. However, HXD takes your logo and makes it three dimensional with the additional option of making it metallic gold, silver or bronze. Texturing your logo is also an element of the capabilities of HXD. With HXD, you can also choose textures of herringbone, wavy lines or dimpling. To create this effect all you have to do is send us your logo and our skilled team will render the effects to create a 3-D rendering for your approval.

Another cool imprinting technique is the Epoxy Dome. If you have ever looked at a water droplet before breaking, that is what the epoxy dome looks like over your logo. Like a water droplet, the epoxy adds a 3-D effect enhancing whatever is encased in the epoxy. The epoxy creates a crystal, clear dome that encloses your logo with a surrounding black bezel border to further enhance the sleek rounded edging.

 Lastly, mixed media is also an interesting new way to enhance your logo. Mixed media starts by using a laser imprinted image and then combines the imprint with either embroidery, transfer or PhotoGraffix overlay.

 At SEP Communications, we are so excited to share these new techniques with you and we are happy to answer any questions to help you understand how these new techniques can bring your branding to the next level.