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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Free stuff makes us happy. Cool free stuff makes us even happier!

What better way to break-the-ice at a trade show or event then by offering someone a free small gift. Gifts instantly make people happy and willing to engage in conversation. Gratitude allows us to relax and be able to listen to ideas with an open mind about products and services you have to offer - PERFECT!

Now, the only catch is you have to giveaway something that is in line with your brand and something that potential customers will want that they don’t already have. Yes, this can be a little tricky, but here is one idea to get the possibilities started.

Popsockets! Once attached with repositioning gel, Popsockets start flat and extent to become a texting or photo grip or a handy video stand. With full color imprinting, your branding will certainly pop!

All of us SEP Communications are happy to help explore more ideas to keep you on your client’s mind all year long. Happy Holidays.