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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

USB Drives are MORE than just Storage!

Smaller than a key FAB, a powerhouse storage packed USB drive can attach to your key chain or easily slip in you pocket. Some people only use thumbdrives for a little extra data storage, a vehicle to upload/download data or to transfer files. However, it can serve many more purposes! Here are a few more ways to get the most out of a USB drive.

Security Key – Passwords to keep your computer safe only work until a hacker figures out your password. A physical key makes for a more secure computer.

Test out new a operating system – When you are not sure if you want to overwrite your current operating system, use a USB drive.

Reset passwords – In Windows, if you forget your password, use a USB drive as a reset password disk.

Clone your system – When you need to set up more than one computer, make a master and then duplicate it to set up the office with all the same software on all of your computers.

Back up files – Files do get corrupt and lost. A simple download will save you time and money.

Keep emergency information – Be prepared by having emergency information at your fingertips.
Store music – Have your favorite music with you ready to play anywhere you go.

Transfer media to a smart TV – Watch a movie on your smart TV by quickly downloading it on a USB Drive, insert and play.

Promotional USB Drives are appreciated, kept and are extremely useful! USB drives can be printed with your logo ready to give away to your next potential customer as a way to remember you and your company. We are here to help you find the best USB drive to promote your brand. Check out our USB drives at!