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Monday, December 5, 2016

Before the Year End Celebrations – Plan for 2017!

December is the perfect time to celebrate everything and everyone who helped skyrocket your company in 2016! It is also the time to execute a plan to make 2017 even better. Whether you want to make more contacts, increase sales or standout from the crowd, it all starts with a plan.

Planning ahead can make your business run smoothly especially, if your plan includes trade shows, community events, and direct mail campaigns. A well thought out plan should include printed promotional products to give away to potential clients keeping with your brand to make you memorable. With so many options of giveaway items to print on, it takes time and a good, organized plan.

When looking for giveaways or swag, one place to start is by being on top of what is new. We are all guilty of loving the coolest new gadget, especially if someone wants to give it to us for free. Here are three ideas to get you started and remembered.

Light Bulb Blue Tooth Speaker
Take any ordinary room and bring it to life with music and illumination! Simply screw in this 6 Watt LED bulb light bulb and you will have light for 45,000 hours and be able to hear music up to 33’ away.

Plant Cube
Plants can be hard to care for in an office, but not the plant cube! All you need is water! This product is eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and ready for your imprinted logo right on the paper cube.

Swell Thermos Bottle
This bottle shaped thermos fits comfortably in your hand and is a delight to drink from. With ten amazing colors to choose from, it only needs your logo to look even more fabulous.