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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Get Noticed and Get in the Door

Opportunity is within reach! The only problem that sometimes arises is getting by the gatekeeper. Getting past the gatekeeper to C level executives can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few ideas to get past the gatekeeper, break down barriers, and allow you to be heard by potential customers.

The Gatekeepers are People First. 
Gatekeepers manage the entry point with sometimes very little patience or time because everyone wants to talk to the chief marketing officer (CMO), chief operations officer (COO), or the chief financial officer (CFO). Kindness and respect that is transparent and sincere is the first place to start. It is such a simple thing to do; however, surprisingly a lot of people overlook the chain of employees in a company and save only their best selves only for C level executives. How you treat the C level executive is how you should behave toward everyone from the doorman on up the minute you step into their building. The patience and tone of your communication with the gatekeeper will either open the door to meet your intended C level executive a crack or keep it closed to you indefinitely.

Breaking Down Barriers 
After you have consistently communicated with your potential client, but still need to close the deal, make a strategic plan of persuasion by sending something spectacular. Luxury gifts have their place and can be used to show executives that you are committed to their business and honor your developing relationship with them. These extravagant gifts can be expensive; yet, with careful expert marketing your investment will be well spent. Whether you decide to send crystal or Tumi luggage, make sure your purchase is something of quality, well packaged, thought though, and have a follow up in place.

Be Heard 
Getting a prospective client to trust you to discuss inside information can be difficult to do. For centuries, offerings of gifts have broken down barriers and have brought people together to communicate starting from a place of gratitude and acceptance to be open in order to listen respectively.Listening takes patience, time and the ability to be open to new ideas.With the constant need to be available at all hours through emails, telephone calls and texting, listening can be difficult.It can be even more challenging to concentrating on what someone is saying when it is someone you do not have a relationship with. Learning a company’s needs and discovering their goals are two ways to start growing a relationship with a future client in order to be listened to and heard.

Opportunities await and are only bounded by your imagination. If you want help finding high-end gifts that your potential clients will see every day that will keep your name consistently on their minds,we at SEP Communications are ready to help you get past the gatekeeper, break down barriers, and allow you to be heard by potential customers.