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Monday, April 10, 2017

Get Clever with Tech Savvy Swag!

With the wide range of promotional giveaways and price points, it can be challenging to know what to choose. If you want to up your swag a notch and get tech savvy, we have plenty of cool gadget ideas to help reinforce your relationships, promote your brand and keep your name on your client’s minds. With tech savvy promotional gifts, your clients will receive the underlying message that you are clever, innovative and know the latest trends.

Tech savvy swag can include much needed extra power for mobile devices. For example, the next time your super busy client is so busy they used up all the “juice” on their phone just as they need to run out the door to their next important meeting, they think of you! Thankfully, as they reach in their desk to grab the handy Juice Box power bank you gave them last week (with your logo on packaged in a memorable juice box & straw) is just what they need to save their day! Your clients will see you as someone who thinks ahead and cleverly plans for issues that can arise. 

Sometimes innovative, cool swag is all you need to give the impression to your clients that you not only know the latest technology, but are ready to help them with the most current information to assist them with the products and services you offer. One idea is to give your clients innovative products like the amazing new Rock-It vibration speakers that can make almost anything into a speaker just by placing the probe on an object. This gadget is not only fun, but it serves as a great conversational piece as you ask what new items your clients have they tried to make into a speaker. It can also easily transition the conversation to what new products or services you can provide for them.

By giving your clients trend savvy gifts, it can position you as someone who pays attention to trends in general. Your clients will understand through your branding and promotional products who you are and how much you are willing to jump fearlessly into the future. It also reveals that you are someone to count on for the best new ways to help them succeed in business in our fast-paced world. Tech savvy gifts, however small, give us a glimpse of what possibilities are around the corner. Fun, innovative gadgets also allow us the opportunity to dream more about what we can accomplish and who we want on our team to help us accomplish our goals.

If you need more help choosing your tech savvy swag, contact us! We love talking about what is new, innovative and trendy.